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Dr. Zoltán Galbács managing director
Zoltán Galbács (PhD, CSc) obtained his diploma in chemistry and phyics from József Attila
University (now University of Szeged) in 1967, where he has served as a professor ever since.
He has over 40 years of expertise in the areas of inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry,
detection and removal of chemical contaminants, research and development, as well as in
chemistry higher education. He holds positions and membership in many scientific and
technological societies, including the Hungarian Chemical Society, Hungarian Water treatment
Assembly, Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is the chairman of the Workgroup on
analytical chemistry and environmental protection of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in
Szeged. He took part in 30+ international and national R and D projects, has 3 patents, is the
author of seven university textbooks and over 150 scientific publications.
 Main areas of activity: environmental science, chemistry, education 
Dr. Gabriella Galbács-Szabó leading consultant
Dr. Gabriella Galbács-Szabó obtained her diplomas (mathematics, physics and informatics -
1992; quality assessment in education - 2004) from József Attila University (now University of
Szeged). She is qualified as a Master Educator. She has over 20 years of expertise in
secondary school education, as the teacher of the Kőrösy József School of Economy, Szeged.
She is chairing and teaching ECDL and OKJ courses on informatics since 1996. She has great
experience in the development of printed and multimedia educational materials, and in the
use of office and software developments tools/languages.
Main areas of activity: secondary school education, quality assessment
Péter Galbács leading consultant
Péter Galbács is an engineer of packaging technology and a marketing communication
expert. He has obtained his diplomas in these fields from the High School of Light Industry
(now Óbuda University, Budapest) and High School of Szolnok, respectively. He has 20 years
of expertise in packaging technology, computer-based graphics design and various branches of
marketing. His expertise mainly roots in the production of cosmetic and household chemical
goods, obtained while working for Florin Co. (Szeged) as a member of its development
division. He took part in the development of more than a hundred products. He also made
substantial independent contribution to the successful introduction of several brands/products
to the market by performing market research, product name and company profile
 Main areas of activity: packaging, marketing, graphics, company profile development
Dr. Gábor Galbács managing director
Dr. Gábor Galbács (DSc, PhD) holds two university diplomas (chemistry and physics - 1992;
environmental science - 1995) from József Attila University (now University of Szeged). He is
an associate professor and the Head of the Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
of the same university. He has 20 years of expertise in the areas of analytical chemistry,
material testing, environmental analysis, technological developments, chemistry higher
education in and translation from/to English and German languages. He holds positions and
memberships in several scientific societies, including the Hungarian Spectrochemical Society,
Spectrochemical Working Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Society for Applied
Spectroscopy (USA), etc. He took part in 30+ national and international R and D projects,
wrote several textbooks, and has over 240 scientific publications.
 Main areas of activity: measurement systems, chemistry, education, translation