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Development of systems for CO2 measurement in gas mixtures
(Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research)
Development of a multi-pulse laser induced breakdown (LIBS) spectrometer
(LaserConsult Kft., LaserSkill Kft., University of Szeged, Academic Bt.)
The result of this project is a commercially available, compact, desktop (dimensions: ca. 45 x 90 x 70 cm),
computer controlled, versatile spectrometer capable of performing fast, quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis
of practically any solid samples. It has high sensitivity and excellent precision, and is equipped with a handy graphic
control software (running under Windows). It can be employed in laboratory and industrial environments equally well.
Development of a high-speed laser pulse counter and trigger signal generator
(University of Szeged)
We developed a versatile electronic device that can be advantageously used in many fields of laser spectroscopy.
It can be used for the counting of laser pulses for up to 1 MHz repetition rate and for the generation of a
programmable delayed trigger signal. The device runs from a 5V USB power supply, and is complete with has
electronic and fiber optic inputs, LED display, manual controls and a computer interface.
ECDL courses and examinations 
(Kőrösy J. School of Economics, SZTE JGYPK Center for Vocational, Postgraduate and Remote Learning)
Translation of chemical, technical and environmental documents, books 
(DARFÜ, Anton-Paar Hungary Kft., MOL Rt., etc.)
Measurement procedure for the determination of halogenated chemicals
(Köröskör Kft.) 
Dioxin, a highly harmful substance, can form during the standard incineration of wastes, if these contain covalently
bond halogenated chemicals. This can be avoided if the waste is tested for the presence of halogenated chemicals
prior to the incineration. The simple and cheap procedure we developed allows the measurement be performed
within 10-15 minutes. It only requires commercially easily available reagents, a portable electroanalytical instrument
and a furnace able to run at 300-400 Celsius temperature.
Development of multimedia support materials for chemistry education
(TranzPress Kft.)
Product design, name and company profile development
(Florin Zrt., KlassChem Kft., etc.)
We developed and manufactured a series of highly selective and sensitive, compact measurement systems for
environmental applications. Three designs were implemented: a.) a floating device ready to be deployed into
monitoring wells, b.) a modular desktop system with USB data acquisition to be used in laboratory, c.) a remotely
programmable and pollable device that is capable of the alternating measurement of several sources.
Software and analytical developments for laser induced breakdown spectrometry
(Centre for Energy Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Academic Bt.)
We provided consultation services to our partners with the aim of developing several analytical methods and one
software for analytical laser induced breakdown spectrometry (LIBS) applications, in particular for the identification
and quantitative analysis of solid and liquid samples relevant to nuclear safety.